Once I had a weird dream of standing in the middle of the woods on a neat clear spot when a trumpet player friend of mine appears out of the blue.

We chat around for a while. As he leaves, I look down at my own hands and as I observe the upper layer of my skin, one skin cell grows bigger and bigger and sucks me in into a microscopic world of cells and atoms and then...

I find myself in the same woods on the same clear spot and the same fellow comes to me. We say goodbye and I look at my hand. Vessels, cells, atoms, but on a million times smaller scale...I land on the spot, see the trumpet player and ask him if he knows how small we are. He doesn't know.


I look at my hand...


Rita Karpati (1989 - Budapest, Hungary) is a bass guitarist - songwriter living really close to Amsterdam. She graduated last year at the jazz department of the Amsterdam Conservatory. Currently she plays in a loud, 10-piece performance pop orchestra called Palmen & Reijmerink and writes her own artpop songs produced by Krisztina Dányi under the name Mojo Radar. (First EP coming soon.) Besides that she plays in the contemporary jazztrio of Thijmen Schoute and various theatrical, singer-songwriter and world music projects. Sometimes she thinks in third person.

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